Gamers Prefer Familiar Online Games And Gamers Familiar Concepts

Along with the growing popularity of online games, online games with Indian concepts have also gained popularity among gamers. Gamers prefer games they can play with higher chances of winning. And they also play games based on familiar concepts from Indian history, mythology, or ancient games in modern versions.

Taking this concept earlier into game designing, some prominent online gaming platforms like have several online games and fantasy sports that were popular in the country. Gamers can play football, and hockey, and create their own dream teams from the real cricket players and teams. It has been observed that Indian gamers want to play games whose basic rules they are aware of. This way gamers also increase the odds in their favor.

A recent study mentioned that 82 % gamers play online games on Indian mythology, 40 % of non-gamer may prefer to play a game with sky exchange online idif the game is based on Indian concepts. All earlier board games are not available in online versions.

Games developers are taking inspiration from ancient Indian texts, religious texts like Ramayana, Mahabharata, and stories to create games. The gaming ambience and environment are also created to resemble the ancient Indian forts, cities or mediaeval Rajasthan. Gamers are aware of some games with sky exchange online id like, rummy, even before the online versions. In some form, these games were played offline as board games.

It does not mean that board games like casino, roulette, blackjack, etc. are not popular. In fact, live casino is a hugely popular game among professional gamers. Since not many can visit the live casino in brick-and-mortar form, they enjoy the ambience and environment of the casino that a live casino offers. The live interaction with a human being further enhances the feel as if a gamer in a casino.

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