Ministry Of Information and Technology Agree In Principle to Review The GST Decision

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It has been slowly emerging that big and established online gaming are going for major innovation and technical changes to meet the obstacles in form of higher goods and services taxation. Major gaming companies and their platforms including are designing innovative games and team sports to offset the channel of higher taxes. They are planning to use artificial intelligence and other such new emerging technologies to reduce cost of creating and designing new online games.

On the other hand there have been some developments lately with regard to latest goods and services council decision to impose higher 28 per cent tax on online gaming industry. A delegation of online gaming companies including had early in the week proposed a change in the decision. They also met the concern ministries and officials.

The Ministry of electronics and information technology, government of India, have agreed in principle to consider the decision of higher taxes. The ministry is of the view the review can be held in line with the rules of the online Sky exchange online betting gaming industry it proposed in April this year.

The problem is that some states, which part of the goods and services council are, do not want change in the taxes. They have already banned games considered games of chance. And they are willing to go with the decision of higher taxes of the GST council. They might give support to the finance ministry who does not want any change or review of the council decision.

The point is that there has been an understanding in some government circles that a higher taxation on the full face value of the skyexchange online betting could cause immense damage to the smaller online companies and start-ups. That is why, the ministry of electronics and information technology is seeking a review of the GST council decision.