Online Gaming Platforms Need To Attract Advertisers To Find New Ways For Revenue

Probably for the first time in the history of broadcasting in the country, several leading television sport channels are live telecasting the BGMI masters tournament from august 4. This is a new development with huge significance. It demonstrates that online gaming is not confined to some few gamers who just want to kill time. The gamers on want to build careers in one particular online game. This, they believe will help them to participate in big professional tournaments where prize money is in millions.

E-sports are going to get attention from big broadcasting companies as well as from advertisers. When an E-sports event on sky is live telecast, the advertisers cannot live behind. A ready audience of youngsters below 22 years of age is right there for anyone to target their products and services.

Gradually the advertisers would like to take their products and services to online gaming platforms with a large consumer base. So a gaming platform with well dedicated gamers will become the first preference of big advertising companies. During the Indian premium season, the platforms like sky exchange ipl could be the choice of advertisers, providing the platforms are able to create interest in its offerings.

The arrival of E-sports in a big way online will only create benefits for every stakeholder. Online platforms only need to design innovative e-sport games. The interest of gamers in them will arouse automatically. As E-sports bring in young gamers in a big way, a big gamer base would become a magnet for advertisers. The online platform skyexchange ipl needs to present the case with all facts to advertising companies. Thus a new phase will emerge in the online gaming industry in the country. As the saying goes it would be a blessing in disguise for online gaming companies and industry.